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Love it or hate it, Vancouver’s public art ranges from the whimsical umbrellas at Evergreen and Main to the alluring Ilchee along the Renaissance Trail. The revitalized Esther Short Park is home to several pieces including the Pioneer Mother created by renowned 20th century artist, Avard Fairbanks, as a tribute to the local history. The Sculpture Garden at 9th and Broadway hosts four funky pieces including the Winged Woman and the Spike Flower.

Vancouver is also home to a number of beautifully crafted murals. Along with the fanciful pieces, the city has a number of historical sculptures including the impressive Wendy Rose, a recent target of vandalism but still worth the gander, and the intricately detailed Pioneer Aviator at Pearson Museum.

If you are looking for a fun and free afternoon activity, check out Vancouver’s public art. Only you can decide if you adore it or abhor it.