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Vancouver MuralThis site is brand new and in the process of being invented. Think of it as a new community bridge under construction. It’s rough. It doesn’t look like a bridge yet. Traffic moves slowly. It doesn’t look pretty. But something new and significant is happening here. You are welcome to watch and participate in the construction and even drive on it as it takes shape and develops into a great community resource.

If we are simply a group of people living in a region who neglect to connect, we are vulnerable to losing our freedoms. We are susceptible to being wounded or hurt. We are fragile and unprotected. But if we connect, establish relationships and form a community, our synergy bestows us with strength to safeguard our freedoms, become invincible, unbeatable, unconquerable, protected. We can prosper and gain health to accomplish what would otherwise be futile.

So Clark County, if we are to become a community, let’s connect. Let’s talk and work together for our common good.

- David Madore