July 23rd 2014 the National Parks Service announced that 14-year NPS veteran Robert Cromwell was appointed to become the Site Manager for the Pearson Air Museum and Jack Murdock Aviation Center.

Dr. Cromwell combines his knowledge of history and archeology when conducting tours of the museum. Cromwell sums it up this way, “The Hudson’s Bay Company came here really because of the native American presence here. So, I can’t tell the Hudson’s Bay Company story without talking about the Chinook Indians and the Cowlitz Indians. The US Army arrived because the Hudson’s Bay Company was here. So, I can’t talk about the US Army without talking about the Hudson’s Bay Company. Aviation arrived because the army was here. So, I can’t talk about the aviation story without talking about the army story. All these stories are just interconnected and that is what is lovely about this place. I have worked at few other places in my career that have so many layers of history.”

Since his appointment as Site Manager, Cromwell has been getting up to speed in his new role and planning for additional exhibits for the air museum.

For more information on Dr. Cromwell and the projects taking place at Pearson Air Museum, view the videos below:

WWI Lumber Mill diorama under construction:

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