Former Spokane resident Nathaniel Stafford, who was featured in a major anti-malaria publicity campaign in New York City earlier this year, visited COUV.COM recently while in Vancouver visiting relatives. The Boy Scout came to the public’s attention in 2009 when he completed a 100-mile road hike near his hometown of Fayetville, N.C. to raise awareness about the work of the international nonprofit NothingButNets, which seeks to reduce deaths from malaria in Africa through the distribution of inexpensive mosquito nets.

Former Washington resident Nathaniel Stafford received recognition for his Boy Scout project.

NothingButNets honored Stafford by naming him to a group of “Champions to End Malaria,” a list that included former President George W. Bush, sportswriter Rick Reily, actress Mandy Moore, and retired NBA player Dikembe Mutombo.

Stafford’s portrait, taken by world-renowned English photographer Platon, was part of a photography exhibit in the lobby of the United Nations in April, 2011, as well as a full-page advertisement in “Time Magazine.”

Stafford has currently raised $8,900 of his personal goal of $10,000 for NothingButNets.

Stafford used to live in Spokane before relocating to Fayetville, N.C., where he currently lives with his mother.

Video edited by Scott Thompson
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