One of the many concerns opponents of same-sex marriage have expressed is whether churches who choose not to perform such weddings would lose some of the protections they have now, according to an article in The Olympia Report.

Pastor Joe Fuiten of Cedar Bible Church in Seattle rallies crowd at same-sex marriage protest. Photo: Josephine Wentzel

Dr. Joe Fuiten, senior minister of Cedar Park Church in Bothell, said during a same-sex marriage protest earlier this week that introductory language of the bill “defines opposition as ‘discriminatory’.” Speaking during citizen testimony, Guiten asked, “I wonder if you’re aware that, although it might not be an official punishment, that language could create unofficial sanctions?”

Lawmakers said the bill would preserve religious rights, and section 7 of the bill specifies that religious organizations will not be punished for refusing to perform same-sex marriages, The Olympia Report said.