David Hedrick

David Hedrick

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Earlier this year, one-time 3rd Congressional District candidate David Hedrick appeared on Clark County Today where he shared his story of alleged domestic violence that resulted in his arrest last October, followed by a trial and acquittal in February of this year.

Since that interview Hedrick has brought a tort claim against the Clark County Sheriff’s Office for alleged violation of his Fourth Amendment rights, false arrest and excessive force during the October 2010 incident.

COUV.COM was forwarded a copy of the letter dated June 28 in which Hedrick brought those claims against the sheriff’s office and asked for $500,000 in damages and other relief including attorney’s fees.

The October 2010 incident originated in a disagreement between Hedrick and his wife over a parenting plan with Hedrick’s ex-wife. Hedrick said that during the conflict his wife became physically aggressive and he was forced to physically restrain her to keep the situation from escalating. As the incident proceeded, Hedrick’s wife called police and reported that Hedrick had hit her. After police arrived, Hedrick’s wife allegedly explained that she was the aggressor in the situation, but Hedrick was arrested anyway. Earlier this year he was acquitted of the charges.

Following his appearance on Clark County Today in April, Hedrick’s wife sent an email to Couv.com staff in which she said, “I’m tired of people blaming my husband for what I did.” She went on to say that she was responsible for the incident last October and that her husband was not the aggressor, something she says she also told police and the prosecuting attorney throughout the legal process.

The above video is the April episode of Clark County Today featuring Hedrick and to read a transcript of the interview and the letter from Hedrick’s wife, see the post “David Hedrick on domestic violence case, Tea Partyhere.