Around 100 people attended the Bridging the Gaps event on June 4.

Around 100 people attend the Bridging the Gaps event on June 4.

Nearly 100 people on Saturday gathered at LifePoint Church on Southeast 192nd Avenue for the “Bridging the Gaps” event. Inside the auditorium government officials, representatives, experts and citizens turned out in the interest of information.

The subject at hand was the much-debated Columbia River Crossing, a joint megaproject between the Oregon and Washington departments of transportation, designed to replace the existing I-5 bridge, improve miles of infrastructure and extend Portland’s light rail line into Clark County.

Event coordinator David Madore said in his opening remarks that the event was all about the need and desire to “engage, inform, connect and talk.”

Financial experts were assembled in panel format to present their findings and recommendations on the CRC. The audience was engaged and quick to applaud with its approval and support for these officials and experts who shared their concerns and interest.

After hearing the experts’ findings, Rep. Ed Orcutt, R-Kalama, said he would call the Washington state auditor and attorney general. This declaration was met by thunderous applause, as constituents and representatives reaffirmed their dedication to open, clear and honest government.

Editor’s note: David Madore and US Digital sponsored this event. We had a citizen reporter cover the event from his own perspective. If anyone else has any thoughts on the event or the project, please comment below or send an e-mail to