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Just over two hundred concerned Washington and Oregon citizens showed up at the CRC Fact Forum that was held at Skyview High School last night, February 25, 2013. Their concern: Who will ultimately pay for the new bridge? The CRC project coordinators, state and local political leaders say that the finances will be coming from Federal grants, bridge tolls and 450 million dollars pledged by Washington and Oregon. Opponents to the current Columbia River Crossing Light Rail Tolling Project fear that in the end, it will be the tax payers who will foot the bill. John Chalres, Joe Cortright and Tiffany Couch joined up to present information that focused on light rail, funding issues and economic impact.

Tiffany Couch used documents obtained from the CRC to explain the financials, Joe Cortright presented the economic impact the project will have on the local communities, and John Charles provided insights to why the local transportation projects will fail.

With the Oregon State Legislature voting to approve 450 million dollars to the project, all that remains is Legislators in Washington’s to either pass or reject their portion of the project.

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