Testing augmented reality application

“The world is experiencing a digital revolution” say authors Douglas Rushkoff and Cathy N. Davidson. “This is a time more important than the birth of the printing press or the industrial revolution”.

This fact was especially apparent March 4th as laptop orchestra tones resonated throughout Vancouver’s City hall. Tablet wielding Couvsters were also on prowl, soaking up the the wonders of augmented reality at #nextchapter’s pop-up art gallery.

#nextchapter‘s second annual event was a joint effort between Washington State University Vancouver and the City of Vancouver. The group hopes to stimulate learning and innovation in our local economy, ensuring Vancouver doesn’t fall behind economically.

“This year we wanted to think about learning…how do we turn the educational system and the business workplace into a 21st century model and move away from the industrial model that we have inherited and it isn’t working anymore.” said Dr. Dene Grigar, Director of the Digital Technology and Culture Program at WSUV.

Jack Burkman of Vancouver City Council said, “Vancouver is really serious about expanding businesses and the support of digital companies anywhere from small webpages to large hardware.”

This years community wide read features the book “Now You See It” by Dr. Cathy N. Davidson, a book that talks about how technology and brain science will transform schools for the 21st century. Wednesday, the author said “Vancouver Washington is doing what the rest of the world needs to do.” Davidson went on to say that after speaking publicly more than 100 times on “Now You See It”, she hans’t come across a better digital literacy program anywhere than the one in Vancouver.

500 free copies will be distributed throughout the city over the next two months.

Buzzing with excitement, WSU-V senior and #nextchapter project manager Arron Philips said “one of the strongest messages from this book is talking about this digital economy….I really think it is important that we are referencing and talking about new ways of learning and new ways of structuring our businesses. So, that they are now tailored to this emerging digital economy.”

Kiggins Theatre owner Dan Wyatt (right) is hosting a #nextchapter film festival

Last year’s keynote speaker Douglas Rushkoff drew a huge crowd at the Vancouver Community Library. According to Public Services Director for Ft. Vancouver Regional Library Karin Ford, “it was a high success, we filled that room. In fact we probably exceeded its capacity.”

Watch: 2013 #nextchapter recap video

#nextchapter is also in partnership with the IPZ (Innovation Partnership Zone)Vancouver and Camas were granted the IPZ designation for Applied Digital Technology Accelerator in October 2013. According to the Washington State Department of Commerce, the IPZ program began in 2007 to encourage industry expansion in specific locations around the state.  The goal of the IPZ is to partner with institutions of higher education and local business to create new technologies and jobs for local residents entering the work force.

#nextchapter’s first year focused on “Ethics in Technology”, “Digital Diversity” in 2014 and “Digital Democracy” in 2015.


Free Digital Literacy Workshops

Project Technology Makeover at Vancouver Library

-March 8, 1-3 pm: Information Age

-March 15, 1-3 pm: How to Research

-March 22, 1-3 pm: Learn How to Learn

Distraction and Difference at Cascade Park Library

March 29, 1-3 pm: Mobile Technology How-To

April 5, 1-3 pm: Multitasking and Gaming

Changing the Workplace at Vancouver Library

-April 12, 1-3 pm: Teaching Software

-April 26, 1-3 pm: Media Integration

Innovation Partnership Zone Introduction

-May 3, 1-3 pm: Vancouver City Hall

How You Can Help Your Child Be Ready to Read

-May 8, 6:30-7:30 pm: Cascade Park Library

-May 10, 10:30-11:30 am: Vancouver Library


Free Film Festival at the Kiggins Theatre

“The Social Network”: March 13, 6:00 pm

“Google and the World Brain”: March 27, 6:00 pm

“Disconnect”: April 17, 6:00 pm


Free Presentation by Cathy N. Davidson

Author of this year’s book, “Now You See It”, May 9, 6-8 pm at Kiggins Theatre


Learn more at hashnextchapter.com