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“Who doesn’t want to watch their boy play baseball?” asked Clark County resident Patty Black, who is also a parent of a disabled child. Thanks to the Miracle League of Vancouver, her son Xaiver can finally participate in an organized sport. 

The league is open to children and adults with disabilities ranging from Autism to players with wheel chairs and walkers.

Miracle League of Vancouver started playing in 2007 with 14 participants. Today, it has grown to over 100 players. Prior to the formation of the league, Ralph Heiser, President of the league said, “There was no chance for children or adults with special needs to play ball and now there is and has been since 2007, it’s a heart fulfilling experience.”

Currently, the league’s temporary field is the Evergreen High School JV softball field behind Burton Elementary. They play on Saturday mornings during the spring and fall seasons. The league is negotiating a new lease to build a special needs field: complete with a fully rubberized surface at Pacific Community Park. The Miracle league is currently fund-raising for the rubberized field which will cost upwards of $800,000.

“The Miracle League of Vancouver is out here to stay and we want this thing to grow”, said Craig Mills, Director of the Miracle League of Vancouver.  “We need the help to grow the Miracle League into an outstanding Organization. It’s important that they understand that these kids need this.”

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