Rather than a video interview, we conducted an over-the-phone interview to save Kim Wyman a 3 hour trip to Clark County.

Kim Wyman published the following in our state voters pamphlet:

Elected Experience: Serving a fourth term as Thurston County Auditor, conducting voter registration, administering elections, preserving historic records, providing financial, accounting, licensing and title services.

Other Professional Experience: Ten years as Thurston County Elections Manager, Assistant Records Manager, and 18 months as a U.S Army Civilian Training and Development Specialist.

Education: Bachelor of Arts, California State University, Long Beach; Master of Public Administration, Troy State University; Certified Elections Registration Administrator, Auburn University, Election Center; and Washington State Certified Election Administrator.

Community Service: Lacey Rotary Club, Timberline High School Interact, TwinStar Credit Union Supervisory Committee, United Way of Thurston County, Women’s Leadership Council, and Miss Thurston County Scholarship Program.

Statement: We expect the Secretary of State to ensure honest elections and uphold citizen confidence in the accuracy of counts, security of ballots, and voter accessibility. Meeting these expectations requires experience and proven, unbiased stewardship of our elections and public records.

Kim Wyman is an elections expert and leader. As a four-term County Auditor, Kim leads a nationally recognized, award winning office. She streamlined the ballot counting process – saving taxpayer dollars, led the way for email ballot delivery that improved military and overseas voter access, preserved important historic documents, and increased your access to public records.

Her collaborative leadership style has earned Kim a range of endorsements from the Washington Education Association to Republican, Democratic, and nonpartisan leaders, including 44 former and current county auditors. When elected Secretary of State, Kim will use her experience to modernize elections with accuracy and efficiency improvements, make archived documents and historical artifacts more accessible, and make it easier to start and manage small businesses.

“One election, we didn’t get ballots while serving overseas. This experience convinced me to dedicate 19 years to protecting voters and ensuring accurate elections. With your support, I will continue this work as Secretary of State.” – Kim Wyman

For more information:
(360) 742-0678

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