When we talk about coordination, it usually centers on our ability to do things – like swinging a bat that combines our brain, body movements and eyes so that we can hit the ball.  The act of organizing, making people work for a goal is also called coordination.  Within the 10th Amendment, there is a little used tool. Few are aware of its existence and therefore has rarely been used.  Napa Idaho attorney Fred Kelly Grant (Trademark America) has researched this tool and presents seminars to local organizations providing insight on how to effectively use this process called coordination.

David Madore spoke with Thomas Hann (We the People) on how coordination could be used as a third option in resolving the BPA 500 Kv line issue, the CRC Light Rail Tolling issues, and other initiatives related to Clark County. Tom Hann states, “Well, Government is the people and coordination reminds Federal and State that their just powers come from the consent of the governed.  So, we the people are the government. Federal and State levels are just other branches of institutional government, but we’re the institution of self government.  We are equals because they derive their power from us. So, we expect them to coordinate with us as a check and balance on that process.”  Take the time to listen to the whole discussion to learn more about this powerful tool.