CenturyLink/Qwest franchise utiity-street/right of way permit

A close-up of the CenturyLink (Qwest) franchise utility-street/right of way permit with the City of Vancouver references future streetcar development.

Last week, COUV.COM reported that CenturyLink sought information with the City of Vancouver regarding potential street projects – including streetcar and light rail construction – that could impact its plans to install new phone lines beneath Evergreen Blvd. in downtown Vancouver this summer. Handwritten notes on the permit CenturyLink (then Qwest) submitted to the city referenced a future streetcar and a light rail area.

Officials with both the City of Vancouver and CenturyLink said that the notes were simply precautionary and do not mean that a streetcar project is in the works. In addition, any light rail construction associated with the Columbia River Crossing / Light Rail project is pending final approval and funding of that plan.

CenturyLink says it is fully funding the work and that no city or county crews are involved.

Download a copy of the five-page CenturyLink/Qwest permit here (PDF): UtilityPermit20110804090953681

See the original CenturyLink story here: CenturyLink keeps potential light rail construction in mind when installing new phone lines in Vancouver

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