It is off to the races for the Vancouver City Council elections with a jam-packed field of 14 candidates vying for four positions.

Two candidates are in the Mayoral race. Incumbent Tim Leavitt will go toe to toe with City Councilmember Bill Turlay for the general election on Tuesday November 5, 2013. However, the Primary election on Tuesday August 6, 2013 hosts a wide field for the three Councilmember positions with 12 candidates competing for the three coveted spots.

Incumbent Jack Burkman faces three challengers, Micheline Doan, Otto M. Guardado and Brian Joseph Smith for Position 1.

Incumbent Jeanne E. Stewart will be challenged by two newcomers to the political scene, Alishia Topper and Ty Stober for Position 2.

Rounding out the field, Jeanne M. Harris incumbent for Position 3 has four challengers, Anne McEnerny-Ogle, Galina Burley, Adam R. Fox and Frank Decker.



Tim Leavitt (incumbent)

Bill Turlay



Council Position #1


Jack Burkman (incumbent)


Micheline Doan

Otto M. Guardado

Brian Joseph Smith



Council Position #2


Jeanne E. Stewart (incumbent)


Alishia Topper

Ty Stober



Council Position #3

Jeanne M. Harris (incumbent)


Anne McEnerny-Ogle

Galina Burley

Adam R. Fox

Frank Decker