1) How will you encourage the creation of new jobs and help our existing businesses grow?

“I believe we have the opportunity to defer impact fees for new and emerging businesses.  The phasing in of the fees would allow the businesses to establish themselves and use their funds to get their businesses off the grounds.

Over a 3-year period, the business can establish itself and our city can benefit from the transportation, park and school funding.”


2) How would you support high tech jobs of the future to thrive?

“All jobs, either in high tech or general commercial need the support of the City in the Planning Department and the Economic Department.

Our development code is written to provide a consistent set of guidelines for all businesses.  If there are efficiencies we can improve, then the department needs to know what they can be and make the necessary changes.

Our current code does allow for underground and above ground infrastructure changes as has been demonstrated with SEH power relocation in the central portion of the City.

It’ll be up to the private sector companies to “thrive.” We can certainly partner with each one as has been demonstrated with the Pub Talk companies noted last month.”


3) Where would you like to see city government implement emerging technology?

“We can certainly start using technology to build smarter transportation management systems.  Our transit systems have started to implement some emerging technology-smart traffic signals that change, based on real-world conditions.”


4) What specific public works project do you feel would benefit the City of Vancouver most?

“Our transportation/transit system would benefit from a boost with the emerging technology.  In addition, our water and sewer processes would benefit with some of the system developments seen from the east coast.  Our water systems on the west side of town are based on 1 wellhead.  It’ll be vital that we develop another as soon as possible.”


5) How will you help create a financially stable city government?

“We’ve asked the City Manager to start with zero department budgets and to ask each department head to prepare a base budget.  The LEAN approach has found efficiencies in their system.

However, our 1% increase is not keeping up with inflation.

We’ll need to ask our citizens and each department for a priorities based approach.  What are the citizens willing to fund?  What are we able to deliver, based on that need.”