Buying locally grown and raised food directly from the farmer is a national movement that is gaining momentum in Clark County. One of the most popular places to experience that is at the Vancouver Farmers Market.

Located near Esther Short Park in the heart of downtown Vancouver, the weekly Vancouver Farmers Market is in its 22nd season.

“Any given weekend we’re going to have 15,000-plus people coming through in a day. We are completely packed, which is great,” said Jordan Boldt, executive director of the market. “We’re having anywhere from 120 to 150 vendors a day in the market.”

The locally grown marketplace thrives on making connections. Farmers learn precisely what the consumer is hoping to buy, which helps them plan what to grow next season. Consumers learn about the farmer’s practices and can choose the buy based on those techniques. They can also learn about new food items and even pick up a recipe or two.

Additionally, the grower can connect with local chefs, restaurants, and groceries at the market and develop new avenues to sell their goods. The chefs can then introduce diners to new ideas about food. And, as a result, the restaurant patron may change their buying and eating habits and end up back at the farmers market shopping for fresh local produce.

With fresh produce, flowers, meat, honey, eggs and more, it’s a total shopping experience.

“We have a lot of different customers. That’s what makes the farmers market a great place to hang out and enjoy the environment. It’s a really fun place to be,” said Boldt.

Video shot and edited by Jordan Thompson & Miles Burnett
Audio and voice over by Evan Newman

For more information on connecting with local farmers and growers, visit

If you want to go:
Vancouver Farmers Market.
6th & Esther St. Downtown
Vancouver, WA
Open: March 19 – October 30, 2011
Saturdays 9:00am – 3:00pm
Sundays 10:00am – 3:00pm

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