If your grade schooler is a little lawyer, he or she could be going through the “black vs. white, good vs. bad, win vs. lose, right vs. wrong” stage.

little lawyer

Little lawyers are nothing to worry about.

It could also be their competitive nature, but when a kid is at this stage it can get between friendships, family and sibling relationships, school – even affect the way a child handles food. Family counselor and parent mentor Diane Moore says that if your child is about seven old and going through this stage, he or she is right on schedule. There’s no reason to be alarmed. Parents are encouraged to utilize the time to teach values like gentleness or tolerance and acceptable behavior.

Sometimes kids get confused and think all of life is black and white, but Diane says black and white should be reserved for moral issues. “You have to learn how to live in the grey. When you’re working with people, you have to learn how to negotiate life.” She suggests that parents teach their children at this stage the concept of grace.

Audio by Naylene Frunk

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