Hector Garcia Interview (Full Length)Enjoy hearing master classical guitarist Hector Garcia share his music and his story in this heartwarming video clip as we get to know the man behind the melody. Garcia visited our community this week to perform in a musical fundraiser that helps our local veterans.

Garcia escaped from Cuba in 1960 one year after Fidel Castro came to power. He still has his return ticket to Cuba as his secret escape plan was to say he would make a short trip as a tourist to the United States and return.

After participating in the failed Bay of Pigs invasion in 1962, Garcia became a prisoner of war for 2 years. He was able to convince his captors to provide him with a guitar that became a source of inspiration to his fellow prisoners.

His gentle ways and inspiring appreciation of liberty remind us of the heritage that we as free Americans should remember to appreciate and protect.

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Watch the full interview here: