Leanne Ernster is a Vancouver-based health food coach and certified fitness trainer on a mission: to share the gift of health through nutrient-rich whole foods. She will be writing a weekly health column for COUV.com.

How old do you feel and how old are you, really?
In all honestly, I feel 18! Add 10 to that number and that’s my real age.

Which foods gross you out?
Mayonnaise, anything fried.

Which one food would you choose to survive on the rest of your life?
Green smoothies—they’re the most perfect energizing, nutritious, satiating meal in a cup.

What’s your favorite local restaurant?
We seldom ever eat out but Blossoming Lotus is rare treat! Every menu item bursts with flavor and health.

Leanne Ernster hiking Dog Mountain.

Have you overcome any great health challenges?
I’ve found tremendous victory from food intolerance symptoms through creative modifications. The greatest challenge I’ve overcome most recently has been my wrestling with chronic insomnia for the past 10+ years. Living my life in overdrive exhausted my adrenals, but now I’m more intentional about carving timeout to rest and eat healing foods that won’t further contribute stress nutritionally.

What one healthy habit could families encourage most?
Eating family dinner together—almost as equally important as healthy eating, family dinners have become a lost art. Even twice a week has profound emotional and relational nourishment for overall health and wellbeing.

What’s one of your favorite recipe ingredients?
Fresh lemon. It highlights foods so simply with tang.

Do you ever cheat?
My palate has changed so much that I’ve lost all desire for standard American junk foods but a square of 80% dark chocolate a day sure hits the spot.

What’s your husband’s response to your nutrition passion?
He’s converted and fully on board! It has become a joint passion we enjoy together. Going from four sinus infections a year previously to zero has him sold.

Who’s your favorite nutrition expert?
Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s teachings hit the bull’s-eye with what America needs. He’s featured in the Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead DVD and his books Eat for Health and Eat to Live are a must read.

If you could share only one piece of nutrition advice with us, what would it be?
Eat mostly plants.

Watch Leanne Ernster demonstrates an easy to make healthy salad: Zesty Kale Recipe.



Eat for Health and Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman available in local bookstores and on Amazon.