Saturday, Mitt Romney won the GOP caucuses in Washington. The former Massachusetts governor led throughout the day giving little hope to other candidates.

With record breaking caucus numbers Romney wins.

In a statement issued by his campaign, Romney said, “I’m heartened to have won the Washington caucuses, and I thank the voters for their support.” Romney placed emphasis on solving the econimic crisis. “Unemployment here in Washington was recently as high as 10.2 percent. It’s wonderful that it has declined to 8.3 percent. But that is still an unacceptable level.”

He believes his selection in the Saturday caucuses — a nonbinding poll — sent a signal that voters do not want a Washington, D.C. insider in the White House, but rather a “conservative businessman who understands the private sector and knows how to get the federal government out of the way so that the economy can once again grow vigorously.”

Participants in the Clark County caucuses seemed to place high value on people with business experience. In addition to the vote, they chose party delegates, including US Digital and COUV.COM CEO David Madore.

Madore announced his selection on his Facebook page, and how he views his duties which culminate in the all-day county convention Saturday, Mar. 31.

“That role includes listening, listening to understand what our neighbors care about. So I welcome your feedback.”

Unofficial straw poll results for Clark County:

Mitt Romney 1600
Ron Paul 1233
Rick Santorum 972
Newt Gingrich 438
Undecided 82