Tiffany Couch extended audio

We had such overwhelming response to our coverage of Tiffany Couch in Olympia that we decided to post the full audio and PowerPoint versions.

The original post with exclusive audio appears here: Tiffany Couch’s CRC presentation in Olympia.

Below are Couch’s PowerPoint slides. To download a PDF of her entire white paper, see the bottom of the post.

Slide 1:

Slide 2:

Slide 3:

Slide 4:

Slide 5:

Slide 6:

Slide 7:

Slide 8:

Slide 9:

Slide 10:

Slide 11:

Slide 12:

Slide 13:

Slide 14:

Slide 15:

Slide 16:

Tiffany Couch’s CRC White Paper.

Tiffany Couch CRC white paper:

Click on the image to download a PDF of Tiffany Couch's white paper on the CRC.

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