Up until yesterday, Washougal and Woodland voters still waited for the final outcome of the Nov. 8 general election.

Rodney P. Morris

Caryn Plinski

Monday, the ballots cast for Caryn Plinski and Rodney P. Morris, for the City of Washougal, Council Position No. 2, were manually recounted by the Clark County elections department.

In the City of Woodland, Council, Position No. 7 mandated the same manual recount for ballots cast for candidates Robert Ripp and Scott Perry.

According to the Clark County Auditors office, the unofficial results show totals for these candidates unchanged from the official, certified election results completed Nov. 29.

The differences between the races was extremely small. In Washougal’s Council Position No. 2, Caryn Plinski prevailed over Rodney P. Morris by eight votes. Plinski received 1,499 while Morris received 1,491.

The vote spread in Woodland was just as close. In the portion of the city which is located within the boundaries of Clark County, nine votes separated Robert Ripp and Scott Perry for Woodland’s Council Position No. 7. Perry received 19 votes and Ripp received 10 votes.

All election results can be found on the County Auditor’s website: clarkvotes.org.

Prior to the election, Plinski came to the COUV.COM studios during the candidate interview series and recorded the video below.

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