David Madore announces his candidacy for county commissioner on Facebook.

Game is on for David Madore. Last night the CEO of U.S. Digital and COUV.COM announced his candidacy for county commissioner. The announcement was made on his Facebook page.

David Madore announces run for county commissioner.

The post reads:

Running for County Commissioner! I just returned from the Republican Lincoln Day dinner where Lars Larson served MC and Attorney General Rob McKenna shared a great message. It was so enjoyable. Republican candidates running for office were also announced. My name was among them.

Yes, I will be filing as a candidate for County Commissioner. I support Tom Mielke and would love to join him so together, we can get our county back on track for a more prosperous future. There are multiple steps in running for office and I will share those steps, like a blog so other citizens can gain the insight of what it is like to run for office step by step. Hopefully, more citizens will be inspired to consider serving their community as steward to faithfully serve citizens. I am pulling together a leadership team and an advisory to help me with the process. No one can do this alone. It takes a network of community minded people with hearts to serve. I invite you to join me in this venture. You will hear much more in the coming weeks.

If you would like to help or offer your endorsement, please email me with your contact information at david.m@usdigital.com. That address will serve for now, but may set up a new address for the race. I will be posting the specific issues and solutions that we can take to restore economic health to our community. I welcome your feedback.

The game is on!

Madore has been active in local politics, attending numerious county and city meetings, financing local campaigns, and holding informational events such as Bridging the Gaps and Bridging the Gaps 2.

U.S. Digital, established 32 years ago, is a Vancouver-based manufacturer of precision motion control components known for their same day turnaround on shipping orders. COUV.COM is a community-based website just starting its second year.