Gulls Talking about CRCA new perspective brings fresh views to any project. The way children view our world brings laughter or may sober grown-ups who pay attention to their youthful, direct assessment.

Take a quick journey straight up into the air. Two young seagulls view the complexity of the adult problems of the Columbia River Light Rail project and make simple observations. This fresh bird’s-eye view offers interesting transportation insights. The animation demonstrates visually how light rail brings additional issues to an already stressed traffic area.

Animation by Gus Torres

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TRANSCPRIPT – Little Gulls

Sister: Hey big brother, whatcha doin’?

Brother: Watching.

Sister: Watching what?

Brother: The same two bridges down there.

Sister: No third or fourth bridge yet?

Brother: Nope

Sister: What are they gonna do with just two bridges?

Brother: Stay stuffed, I guess.

Sister: Stuffed?

Brother: Yup, it’ll be folks stuffed on two bridges going reeeaaallly slow.

Sister: But people like going fast. They like getting around zippity quick, right?

Brother: Yup. Speed baby speed.

Sister: So, what are they gonna do?

Brother: Stuff a train on the bridge.

Sister: A fast train?

Brother: Nope a slow one riding along side the cars and trucks stuffed on a bridge.

Sister: But it saves lots of money for the people, right?

Brother: Nope. It costs a gazillion bucks.

Sister: I can count all the way up to 100 and that sounds like a whole lot more!

Brother: Oh yeah, a gazillion bucks IS a lot.

Sister: I know, it’ll finally fix that Gross Morter Noodle Neck!

Brother: Nope. Won’t fix the Rose Quarter bottleneck.

Sister: I may be only four but I just don’t get it.

Brother: That’s OK sis. They’re a bit older and they don’t get it either.

What’s your perspective?