Sharon Hanek published the following in our state voters pamphlet:
Elected Experience: Treasurer of non-profits including a Pierce County political party; local Little League, and a large private school.
Other Professional Experience: Owner of a successful tax and business advisory service; owned and managed a CPA firm 1985-1998; and founded a public policy research organization.
Education: University of Washington BA Business Administration and Accounting; CPA 1980; President of a UW international business students association.
Community Service: Youth/family service boards, community councils, Little League, private schools, political organizations, property rights alliances, and the Kent and White River School Districts PTAs’, finance, and strategic planning committees.

I will combine my 30 years of CPA, tax advisory, and community service with common sense values to navigate Washington out of a decade of financial distress. It is time to have a professional accountant examine the books and challenge the legislature to be more cautious in making tax and spending choices. We need financial transparency so that you and state leaders can make informed decisions.
My background is not from academia; my background is to advise taxpayers and businesses in your hometown to make good choices on investment and jobs. Today jobs are uncertain, prices are uncertain, property values are uncertain and the price of education is rising precipitously. Olympia’s solution is to raise taxes and fees. My solution would be to account for what we have spent and prioritize the rest. I will be the accounting Treasurer to lead the state into an era of fiscal sanity.
I will be the treasurer who will challenge any funding deficiencies in the L&I, pension, and GET programs.
Vote to preserve our fiscal future. Vote for accountability. Vote for Sharon Hanek.
For more information:
(253) 854-7075

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