Forensic Accountant and Fraud Examiner Tiffany Couch, reveals the gross differences between the costs published by the CRC Bureaucracy and their real budget.

The detailed budget that did not exist
For 18 months, the CRC claimed that the requested detailed budget did not exist. Couch discovered a reference to that budget in another document, which proved that it did indeed exist, but was called by a different name. She then requested and finally received it.  The findings are revealed here.

Hundreds of millions shifted from one category to another
Their detailed budget reveals the bridge cost at $800 million and the Oregon interchange at $995 million. But their false advertising shifts $400 million from one category to the other showing the bridge cost at $1.2 billion (purple section of their map) and the Oregon interchange at $595 million (red section of their map). The scheme sticks Clark County Commuters with an extra $400 million in tolls for Oregon interchanges.

Plenty of pork not shown on the map
There are multiple of instances of non-project related expenditures:

$250,000 to $344,000 for Portland Steel Bridge improvements
$5,000,000 to 6,875,000 for Hood River channel restoration (60 miles east)
$7,280,000 to $10,015,000 for a bike pedestrian bridge from Hayden Island to CRC
$37,200,000 to $51,178,000 for Ruby Junction in Gresham
$6,270,000 to $8,544,000 for bike pedestrian ramp to Vancouver waterfront
$7,575,000 to $10,420,000 for a museum
$11,236,400 to $15,450,000 Lewis River confluence (20 miles north in Woodland)
$2,000,000 for an administrative addition to a Portland Tri-Met office
$25,600,000 to $35,220,000 for a lid over a section of freeway

Major interchanges shown on the map not included
A fine print note on the detailed budget reveals that the advertised price does not cover the cost for the project as shown, but only for a Phase One project that does not include northbound interchanges shown on the map:

1. Northbound Victory Braid Interchange
2. Marine Drive E / 5 North Fly-over at Marine Drive
3. North Connection at SR 500

Detailed budget numbers don’t add up
Couch, a CPA, states In trying to reconcile the full build project to the map and the CEVP report, I found that I couldn’t.” and asks “Is the project being advertised what is actually going to be built?”

Learn more about the CRC Light Rail boondoggle at CRC Light Rail Tolling Project Update.

When discussing these findings with some of our representatives, they encouraged citizens to contact them about their concerns.

Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler

Senator Don Benton (17th district)

Senator Ann Rivers (18th district)
360- 786-7634

Senator Annette Cleveland (49th district)

Rep. Paul Harris (17th district)

Rep. Monica Stonier (17th district)

Rep. Brandon Vick (18th district)

Rep. Liz Pike (18th district)

Rep. Jim Moeller (49th district)

Rep. Sharon Wylie (49th district)