Lars Larson interviews Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt
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Radio personality Lars Larson interviewed Mayor of Vancouver Tim Leavitt on March 7. Listen to the audio clip on his website,

Link downloads a podcast. (Duration: 20:48).

Let’s pick up their conversation here:

Larson: Right now this new project would still be paid for by the citizens of Clark County, wouldn’t it? Through their federal taxes and their local taxes, they’ll be paying for it, right?

Leavitt: Yup. Yeah, you’re absolutely right.

Larson: Okay, so if they say “no,” well, should they be given a chance to say yes or no?

Leavitt: I think giving folks a chance to say yes or no on the O & M — (operating and maintenance)

Larson: No, no, no. I’m asking you, should the people be given a chance to say yes or no?

Leavitt: No. I don’t believe so.

Larson: Why? Why would you be against having the citizens have their say on something involving billions of dollars of our money?

Leavitt: Well…it’s not quite billions of dollars, but…

Larson: Well, it’s a billion for the bridge, and a billion for the light rail alone, and all those interchanges — most of them are mandated because of the light rail having to push through there.

Leavitt: No… that’s not quite accurate. It’s to improve the — much of it frankly, is to improve freight capacity, particularly around Hayden Island.

Larson: I think that’s baloney.

Leavitt: (laughs)

Larson: I do, I honestly think it is.

(after the break) …

Larson: Why is it un-necessary to ask permission of the voters to spend over a billion dollars of their money?

Leavitt: Because, I – I – I believe in the project, Lars–

Larson: No, no, no. I didn’t ask you that. Why do you get the privledge to spend over a billion dollars of somebody’s money without asking their permission/ They are your boss, right?

Leavitt: Well, the citizens of Vancouer are my boss.

Larson: Yes, and why don’t you think it’s necessary to go to them and say, ‘Would you like me to spend over a billion dollars of your money, state, federal, gas tax, whatever, on a project?’ Why don’t you think it’s necessary to ask?

Leavitt: Well, it’s not that I think it’s not necessary, Lars.

Larson: You said it.

Leavitt: I’m not afraid to ask them–

Larson: I didn’t say afraid. I said, you don’t think it’s — you just finished saying to me, ‘I don’t think it’s necessary to ask them.’ They are your boss. Why don’t you think it’s necessary to ask your boss for permission to spend over a billion dollars?

Leavitt: Well. Because they’ve elected me into office to make some decisions.

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