COUV.COM approached all Vancouver City Council and Mayor Candidate’s for interviews in an effort to inform Vancouver residents about the candidates. Mayor Tim Leavitt and Alishia Topper stated they would respond to written questions, but have not done so. Anne McEnerny-Ogle responded by email stating, “Answering the questions and having you put them on Mr. Madore’s website would support his business. He is not supporting me. In fact, he is working against my election. I’ll be answering questions in three venues coming up. None of these organizations are working against my election or working for any candidate.” Council Member Jack Burkman asked that include the following statement in this story: “The owner and publisher of is Mr. David Madore.  He is actively and publicly opposing my re-election campaign and promoting my opponent. I will not participate in any candidate forums. Jack Burkman”.

Bill Turlay – Vancouver City Mayor candidate interview highlights.


Bill Turlay – Full Interview


Micheline Doan – Running for Vancouver City Council position 1 interview highlights.


Micheline Doan – Full Interview


Jeanne E. Stewart – Running for Vancouver City Council position 2 interview highlights.


Jeanne E. Stewart – Full Interview


Frank Decker – Running for Vancouver City Council position 3 interview highlights.


Frank Decker – Full Interview