Motion control technology manufactured in Vancouver is a vital element that underwrites the success for SkyFuel Inc. SkyFuel is a technology developer that has created an innovative answer to concentrated solar power, including ReflecTech, a reflective material that is an alternative to heavy mirrors normally used in concentrated solar power. The company’s success was recognized recently when SkyFuel was honored with the CSP Technology Supplier of the Year award.

SkyFuel solar trough

SkyFuel solar technology is deployed around the world. COUV.COM was chosen to produce the company's 30-second spot.

It’s the second consecutive year that SkyFuel has taken the industry honor. To celebrate the achievement the company reached out to COUV.COM to feature its groundbreaking technology in a new and innovative type of advertisement.

SkyFuel didn’t want the same flat advertisements that businesses buy every day and consumers see routinely in newspapers, and also wanted to move beyond the traditional 30-second television commercial. The company was looking for a dynamic visual to harness the excitement of its technology in a promotional piece that fits the company’s pioneering nature.

COUV.COM offered the perfect solution with its COUV Ads program.

A COUV ad tells the story of a company or product by bringing it alive in a 30-second spot or a one- to three-minute web video that provides a perfect product placement opportunity.

Whether your company is making solar troughs like SkyFuel, or something a little less high-tech, video is the technology to choose, and COUV ADS is the definitive model to create it.


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