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In the spring most Vancouver residents count down the days until the sun is forecasted to come out, but for local photographer Ryan Erlandsen, sunny weather means one less dreary day to finish shooting his suspense-thriller short film entitled “Unmarked.” 

Erlandsen, new to the filmmaking scene, got his inspiration for the film from an eerie slice of Vancouver history—the unmarked graves of over 200 pioneers buried in Clark County’s Poor Farm Cemetery.

Ryan Erlandsen, Vancouver photographer turned movie maker


To bring this low budget film to life, Erlandsen transformed his deck into the inside of a ghoulish cabin and fashioned the face of the cabin from a dilapidated fence and materials from Craigslist. Also, local actors are volunteering their talents to see this project completed.

Halloween of this year is his target release date.

Erlandsen just posted a trailer for the film and you can find more information day to day updates on his Facebook page.

A still from Erlandsen's movie "Unmarked"