During a routine pre-retirement physical in 2009, Larry White discovered that he had stage 3 colon cancer.  Following immediate surgery he began 9 months of aggressive chemotherapy. During this treatment he suffered major organ failure. Through this time he states that he met a lot of nice people who really wanted to help him through the process.

To look at Larry you would think that he is a picture of health. “I keeping looking forward and not over my shoulder” says Larry when asked about his health.  Thinking about his time in the hospital, he remembers thinking about life… not standing up for a friend or stepping up to help somebody or that he loves someone…”I say these things now.”

What would you say to someone to encourage them? Become their best friend, look for opportunities to serve, plan for  the future are some suggestions that he would give.

What is really important to you now?  Larry states, “Build relationships… when I die all that is left of me is what people think of me.

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