Eight percent of Clark County’s 425,363 residents were out of work as of November 2012 (See map). Many have been searching for a long time.  Some have dropped out of the job search being unable to get past the initial screening process. No matter how long you have been looking for work, there are some tips that may help in landing that all important interview

Julee Brown, Human Resource Manager for US Digital, gives insight on what to do and what not to do when applying for a job.  She states, “You have one shot to make an impression – most of the time.” To do that, it takes preparation, time, and research. When asked what she looks for in screening applications, Julee remarked, “One of the very first things that gets my attention is whether or not they follow the directions on even submitting an application and a resume.”

Some of the things to consider when filling out job applications:

Follow instructions when applying

Write a unique cover letter specific for the job being applied for

Give a complete work history

Submit valid addresses for references

Dress appropriately for the job interview and don’t apologize for who you are

Julee provides additional information for those seeking work.  To hear more, click on the audio link above.