Many people living in 3rd world countries have had little opportunity to learn how to read.  Is there a way to efficiently communicate to those in need while keeping it economical?  The answer comes in a small package about the size of a cellular phone, costing about $35.00 each and it requires no maintenance.  You don’t even have to change the batteries.  It is solar powered!  Using today’s technology, solar powered audio players can be put into the hands of villagers and townships where electricity is not available.

Mike Maksimowicz, founder of Ignite the World Ministries located in Tigard Oregon, has a story to tell and he is telling it wherever he can.  Mike and his wife, Jennifer, formed a non profit team  about 3 years ago focusing on countries located in Southeast Asia.  Teaming up with other mission organizations they began earning the right to be heard.  Starting off by providing compassion  relief to Southeast Asia, helping to dig clean water wells, supplying food, dental, medical care and teaching how to farm.

Pat Johnson, Public Outreach Director for US Digital, had the opportunity to hear first-hand about these players.  Take a few minutes to listen to Mike explain to her how big things really do come in small packages.

For more information about solar audio players or Ignite the World Ministry visit their website at