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Fire District 6 will replace all 16 of its mobile data computers for $110,776, thanks in part to a federal grant that will cover 80 percent of the costs.

Firemen use new mobile data computers for infield communication with 911.

The FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant will foot $88,621 of the bill, and Fire District 6 is responsible for the remaining 20 percent, or $22,155.

Mobile data computers (MDCs) are laptops that firefighters use during response as their primary communication interface with the 911 dispatch center. The device also saves time on-scene by providing firefighters before they arrive with critical information such as where fire hydrants are located, building floor plans, whether hazardous chemicals are stored, and more.

The 911 dispatch center uses automated vehicle locating transmitters to track the status and location of response vehicles so the closest available unit can be automatically located and quickly dispatched to the emergency. The updated MDCs will use a more reliable GPS technology from a corresponding wireless modem to help avoid air card or other equipment failure that cut off communications with the dispatch center.

MDC's are laptops that facilitate communicate between dispatch incident sites.

“This grant allows us to continue providing our residents with the most appropriate response to emergencies in the most efficient manner,” said Assistant Chief of Operations Eric Quitslund.

Clark County Fire District 6 provides fire suppression and emergency medical/paramedic services to citizens living in the Hazel Dell, Lakeshore, Salmon Creek, Sherwood, Fairgrounds and Mount Vista areas of Clark County.