COUV.COM has updated its logo to fit with a Vancouver and Clark County landmark, Fort Vancouver. Our new logo is inspired by the bastion of the Fort and what it symbolizes for the local area.

Fort Vancouver Bastion

The Fort Vancouver Bastion inspires new logo.

COUV.COM is also opening up its doors to local writers, photographers, videographers, and radio broadcasters. “We value the voices of Vancouver and want to involve them in the conversation by offering opportunities to share their stories,” says Carol Doane, general manager.

COUV.COM is now taking submissions for stories, photos, video and audio about Clark County. To receive a copy of the submission guideline, email and put “Submission Guidelines” in the subject line. Include a link to your blog, Flickr account, or YouTube channel. If you prefer to call, our message number is 360-524-2444.



Video shot and edited by Jordan Thompson and Miles Burnett