Consumed by fire. Consumed by images. Consumed by confusion.

Ground Zero. Photo Eric J. Tilford.

Our memories of 9/11 are sounds of our phones ringing, our rush to the television, and our disbelief of what we were seeing and hearing. It was horrific.

On this podcast, four Vancouver people share their thoughts, memories and how this affected their future.

After a call from his mother-in-law Jason Deason watched events unfold on TV. He realized that what appeared to be debris falling from the burning buildings was instead the final choices of New Yorkers.

His wife, Karena Deason, shared that she is now drawn to anyone wearing military insignia. Their uniforms remind her that we are not invincible. She is compelled to reach out and speak to them. She ends their brief conversations with a hug of gratefulness.

Public Domain: World Trade Center Memorial by Denise Gould (DOD Photo 060911-F-9471G-006)

Photo Denise Gould

Other Vancouver families were separated. Without the closeness of contact, a squeezed hand, a shared glance, or a hug they struggled to make sense of what was happening.

The haunting words of David and Rebecca Hoffman and the expanse of country and ocean that kept Rebecca from returning home as planned resulted in a new choice for their family.

Listen to the audio and share these moments of our Clark County neighbors who gathered recently at a community dinner and stayed a few moments to share their memories.

The ending is our message of hope.


Audio captured by Carol Doane
Audio edited by Jordan Thompson