Towering fir trees, blue sky, the taste of corn on the cob, and the smell of fresh caught, baked salmon marked the recent gathering of a group of Clark County residents. During the after dinner conversation they shared their thoughts and memories on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

Susan Meadows talks about 9/11. Photo by Ken Doane.

Susan and Pete Meadows were deep in the heart of California visiting their daughter and delighting in the antics of their nine-month old twin granddaughters. Susan came home early, but Pete stayed behind with plans to fly out later.

Wayne Pueshel talks over background music to explain how 9/11 changed how he views people

Doug Van Ness watched the event unfold on TV and was left with a lingering distrust. “I think it really damaged this country.”

Doug Van Ness and Wayne Pueschel speak about 9/11. Photo by Ken Doane



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Audio captured by Carol Doane
Audio edited by Miles Burnett