Local videographer Chris Martin announced Wednesday that his documentary video series, Innovators of Vancouver, will return with a new episode featuring Zachary Gray.

Gray is the owner of Paper Tiger Coffee Roasters at 703 N. Grand Blvd. in Vancouver. The series focuses on people in Vancouver who do interesting things and are “leaders of vision, passion and action,” according to the Innovators website.

Martin said he gathered three hours of raw footage at Paper Tiger, which took from seven to eight hours on location. He plans on spending several more hours editing and producing the piece, which he expects to be 10 minutes long when finished.

It’s a good investment for Martin.

“You don’t do it to make a lot of money, you do it because you have something to say,” he said. “I just want to meet people and practice making documentary films. You can’t always learn on the client’s dime.”

Martin got the idea for Innovators last summer. Since then he has produced five documentaries.

Paper Tiger will be number six.

Martin hopes his online videos inspire people to go meet with the actual people or visit the real locations.

“Whether it’s Paper tiger, a photographer like Dave Scott or a realtor like Dale (Chumbley) people should seek these people out,” Martin said. “Don’t take my word for it. Talk to them yourselves because they’re cool people.”

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